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Don’t know where to start on getting a mobile app?

No need to worry.

We handle all the details, from designing the graphics from your existing ones to helping you choose which features suit your business to customer support once your app is done. We take you step by step through the process and prepare an app for your review before final publishing.

We also realize that getting your customers to download your app is critical so we provide marketing materials to ensure the maximum number of your customers download your app.

Here is a brief outline of our workflow:

  1. 1. After you sign the contract we gather some preliminary information including your website so we can create an app for your preview. (3-5 days)
  2. 2. You preview the app and if there are revisions we change them.
  3. 3. Revisions usually done 1-2 days after submission.
  4. 4. Your app is published to the Android market and a Mobile version of your website is created.
  5. 5. Your app is submitted to the iTunes store for approval (2 weeks for approval)
  6. 6. We setup a training with our support staff to show you how to use your app. Takes about 30 minutes.
  7. 7. Your apps are ready to be downloaded by customers!
  8. 8. Use your marketing materials to promote your app and encourage customers to download and use it.


We also full US based customer service so you won’t ever feel alone and have a money back guarantee.

Request a free quote today and see how simple the process is!

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