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Why Go Mobile?

Why Go Mobile?

As a small business owner you are pulled in a hundred directions. Your time is stretched and so is your budget, but you know that connecting with and staying in front of your customers is vital.


In the past 10 years there have been a steady flow of new technologies that have revolutionized the way you can connect with your customers, from websites to Facebook to now Mobile Apps.

It is now easier than ever to provide your customers with the best experience with your business, from instant alerts that tell them about specials and events, to mobile food ordering and music downloads, a mobile app for your business will connect you and your customers like never before. Transform them from casual customers to raving fans.

Mobile apps are not just the latest fad the wave of the future and here to stay. They are the most powerful marketing tool we have ever seen. Beyond getting your message out apps also:




Buy real estate on someone’s phone.

Most people can’t go more than an hour without their phone. Imagine them seeing your logo 2,3,4,5,10 times a day. That is better than a billboard, a newspaper ad or even a TV commercial.

Make your current marketing dollars go further.

Don’t abandon the traditional advertising you are doing, but capitalize on it. By adding a QR code to your ads people will download your app, then you will have captured the attention of that person long after they have forgotten the ad that got them to download the app.

Not just a broadcast tool, but a powerful client communications tool.

In the new world of blogs and social media customers don’t want to be “talked at” all the time. They want to feel like they are on the inside, part of a community, and like their opinion and voice matters in the places they are spending money. An app provides tools to your customers to achieve these precise objectives.

Check out our Industry Statistics to help understand how people use mobile apps and how powerful they can be for your business!

The opportunity is huge and now. Get in ahead of your competition. Contact us today to get a free custom quote.